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业务专长:专业刑事辩护、房地产法律服务、 银行不良资产处置业务
      Attorney is a great occupation, is an outstanding attorney, is his dream since childhood, for this reason, he has struggled for many years. In his this age person, but can also use “to vainly hope for that” the such luxurious word, was very already lucky. He has given to his all the enterprise which one like, many years with the struggle, have not enabled him to become the float diligently in the air so-called “the important lawyer, famous attorney”, actually become a solid good attorney: Honest and honest, the indomitable spirit, does not attach to the power and influence ……This was already enough regarding him, that piled up with the table-top the dossier and litigant's heartfelt thanks is to his professional profession best reward. Once Yangming attorney's disciple maxim: Attorney the occupational ethics are attorney's life! Service specialty: Specialized criminal defense, real estate legal service, bank bad assets handling service.
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