周 叶律师
简 介:

姓 名:周叶

职 务:姜钟律师事务所律师


    Attorney Zhou Ye
The Chinese nation Bar association member, the Hebei Province Bar association member, Hebei ginger Attorney Zhong Law office, the graduate student school record, the legal science foundation of basic skills is deep, is good at discovering handles a case in the process question, for many years has been engaged in the legal related occupation, the participation handles many Enterprises and institutions legal affair, the depth the customer high praise and the praise. Latter acts dozens of lawsuits and the non-lawsuit legal affair, retrieves the large amount economic loss for the customer. Follows the customer supreme principle, the strict customer secrecy system, take the specialty legal skill, the rigorous disciple morals, provides the high quality highly effective service as each kind of customer. Excels the service has the company law, the real estate, the insurance dispute, the civil tort, the damage compensate, the conjugal family, to divide up property inherits, the labor dispute, the administrative proceedings and so on.